About us

We are a team of architects who are passionate about quality design in every detail. Whether large or small scale projects, we believe that every addition to the built environment is meaningful. That's why we invest our diverse experiences in the field of Architecture and Construction to create a unique story for every project.

Our motto in 'LINES Studio' is the power of continuous development. All our team members are committed to expand their experiences based on the latest trends and technolghies. We strive to fine tune our skills and knowledge, to elevate with every project. This is reflected in our passion for excellence and innovation about architectural design and detailing.


Menna Talaat

Projects Coordinator

Salsabeel Elbatal

Design Architect

Alaa Ragab

Technical Architect

Hager Emad

Technical Architect

Farida El-Baz

Junior Architect

Mohamad Youssef

Site Supervisor